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About the course

অনলাইনে/অফলাইনে লেখকদের কাছে ইংলিশ শিখুন!

English ZERO to PRO কোর্স

 ABC থেকে শুরু করে প্রেজেন্টেশন দেয়া পর্যন্ত সবকিছু


6 in 1:

  • Spoken English
  • English Pronunciation
  • Basic Listening
  • Grammar & Creative Writing
  • IELTS Speaking Module
  • Presentations


Duration           : 3 Months

Fees                 : Online: 5000 Taka               

Classes : Weekly 3 Days (9PM to 10:30PM)    


             or [Sat+Mon+Wed]


Offline: 6 Months, Fees 30,000 Taka

Weekly 2 Days Offline, 3 Days Online

[Friday + Saturday: 8:30 AM]


4 Books            : 2400 Taka (with Audio)

  • English Doctor (Tk.450)
  • English Pro (Tk.450)
  • English for Teachers (Tk.1000)
  • Smart English (Tk.500)

N.B. Regular Price of the 4 books is Tk. 4,000


5 Video Courses (through TESOL BANGLADESH APP):

  • Easy Spoken English (100 Lessons, Tk.200) [Regular Price Tk.1600]
  • English Pro (100 Lessons, Tk.200) [Regular Price Tk.1600]
  • English Doctor (65 Lessons, Tk.200) [Regular Price Tk.1600]
  • English for Teachers (200 Lessons, Tk.200) [Regular Price Tk.2000]
  • IELTS Speaking Module (150 Lessons, Tk.200) [Regular Price Tk.1900]

N.B. 5 Video Courses (515 Lessons) cost 8000 Taka. For the participants of this course, the cost will be only 1000 Taka.  


Learning Methods:

Activity Based Learning By Teaching Visual Learning

Less TTT, More STT   MI + RP = RI 



  • Muhammad Yeasir (Writer & Founder of TESOL Bangladesh)
  • Shamim H. Nahin (Writer & US Accent Expert)
  • Tarek Darwish (Writer BBC Accent Expert)
  • Nurun Nabi Rakib (Writer & Word Master Expert)
  • Lamia Tasnim (Writer & IELTS Expert

Admission Officers:

Ms. Eshitha                 : 01330-011173

Ms. Farzana                : 01620-000994

Ms. Sharmin               : 01620-000995

Hotline (office)           : 8802-410-60956


Send Course Fee To:

bKash (personal)         : 01633686868

Nogod (persona)         : 01620-000994

Bank A/C:

Bank Asia Limited Bank


A / C No: 03533001731 (Current Account)

Shantinagar Branch


Routing Number: 070276343V


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