English Pronunciation Package

English Pronunciation Package

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নিচের 5টি  ইংলিশ কোর্সে রয়েছে 400 লেসনস্। ইংরেজি  উচ্চারণ শেখার জন্য এত সংখ্যক লেসনস্ পুরো এশিয়াতে নেই। কোর্সগুলো করে শিক্ষার্থীরা কি বলছে শুনুনঃ 

১। শিক্ষার্থী আবদুল করিম বলছেন-

Alhamdulillah. I have access in Tesol Video courses. All the courses are excellent specially the IELTS, Speaking from zero level, Little angel English, Mental Math etc. Million thanks @⁨Yeasir⁩ for providing such a discount for us

২। আনোয়ার উল্লাহ বলছেন-

The Tesol's all courses are simply amazing. I  have never seen this kinds of courses before. The dedication of Yeasir Sir is undescribable. I am proud to be a part of the TESOL.Wishes Its consecutive success

৩। মুমু বলছেন-

I also get the access of tesol video courses. That's  really, very nicely organised. I saw the dedication of @⁨Yeasir⁩ . My warm wishes to you that Allah give you the best prizes for your such kind of hard work. Just giliye deyata baki Rekhesen r ki!  Tuba, lamiya all of are super talented guy. Hat's off  sir. And also thank you for great discount.

৪।সাকিব উদ্দিন বলছেন-

I have access in Tesol Video courses. All the courses are excellent specially the IELTS SPEAKING, QURAN SHIKKHA, MENTAL MATH, LITTLE ANGELES Courses. Thank you so very much @⁨Yeasir⁩ for providing such a discount for us.


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KIDS' ENGLISH - Phonics, Speaking & Presentations
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Golpe Golpe Phonetics
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American English
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