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The Quiz Master কিনে আপনার মেধাকে শাণিত করুন

About the course

General Knowledge is kind of a knowledge with broad range of facts about various subjects. Having good knowledge is immensely important in this modern world. Knowledge sharpens our skills such as reasoning and problem-solving. A strong base of knowledge helps brains function more smoothly and effectively. We become smarter with the power of knowledge and can solve problems easily.

Expand and push your learning horizon by doing this course. This complete course has been divided into two parts: General Knowledge Level – 1 (Our World) and General Knowledge Level – 2 (Bangladesh Affairs & International Affairs). In this course you will be able to learn 5000 astounding quizzes from 200 lessons. After each lesson you will get an exercise so that you can understand how much you learnt. Enrol to this video course and start your Humanpedia journey.


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